Roko Caldaran the Destroyer



Strength 18(20), Dex 16, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 10 AC 19, HP 85

27 year old human male. 6’ 200#. Roko tries to look his best. Nothing flashy, just well groomed and well dressed. Usually he’s clean shaven with short dark brown/black hair, military style. Brown eyes. Probably has dozens of small scars from nicks and scratches gained in countless battles.

He wields a two-handed sword with devastating effect and wears chain armor.


It started as a means to make money. Sword for hire. When it got boring, time to move on.

Roko doesn’t regret very much. Not because he hasn’t done anything regrettable, but because he seems to have a very high level of apathy for things. He struggles to hear the faint voice of a conscience, or the anguish of a broken heart. Instead he feels a void, an emptiness, and mechanically moves through life.

His philosophy is to take the cards you are dealt in life and play them to the best of your ability. To sit and fret about what could have happened or doing something differently is a waste of energy. The goal is to always look forward, not back. He has made some unpleasant decisions in his day that most would find unusual. But he sees himself as living outside the norm. And he likes that. He’s not looking to settle down, raise a family or run a respectable business. He’s not running from something, he’s running to something.

Fear. Fear dwells from within. The darkest, deepest seeds of evil lies within every soul. The most frightening things in life are wondering how much stirs within yourself. What are you capable of? How far can you inflict cruelty or punishment? How quickly can one justify horrific acts against another? What is insanity? And how do you know right from wrong? Pleasure from pain? And when it comes time to be tested, what will you do?

Faith. Faith is pointless. The sick still die, the hungry still starve, and the gods enjoy the show. Surprisingly, Roko still respects the faith of others. Why rob them of something they hold dear? But this debate is separate from morality, of course. Good and Evil exist with or without religion. Just a matter of figuring out which one you are.

Life. Life is simple. Kill or be killed. A survivor’s code. My code. And it all sounds fine until one day when you are confronted by a choice. To make a difference, or to walk away and save yourself. There is no mercy for the weak.

Roko Caldaran the Destroyer

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