Corrin Iana Arisana

Cleric of Transcendent Awakening (Cohort of Roko)


Strength 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 20(22), Cha 16 AC 20, HP 61

25 year old human female. 6’ 150 lbs. Long, wavy, light brown hair with ice blue eyes.

She wields a morningstar with utmost confidence and wears fine chain armor.


Capricious: While not completely chaotic in nature, Corrin has been known to be impulsive and unpredictable on occasion.

Individualistic: Corrin is confident and strong willed on one side, calm and reserved on the other. But if ever challenged or backed into a corner she is defiant to the end. Her temper is unmatched and she never backs down from a fight.

Suspicious: She can be very suspicious of people’s true motives. She often feels there are hidden agendas and it is hard to gain her trust. She has a knack for judging someone’s character accurately and her hunches often prove correct. But she usually keeps these thoughts to herself until the time is right.

Well groomed: Corrin takes pride in her appearance. while not being prissy nor delicate, she is always well dressed, pleasingly perfumed and presentable – before, during and after a fight.

Combat: She is not a violent person by nature, but she never shys away from a fight. Relying on her cunning and instinct first, then brute strength. She first uses her spells to protect herself then she renders her opponents harmless. If the tide turns she uses offensive spells to knock out the most powerful threat.

If it should come to melee combat, she is ready.

If all else fails, she uses teleport to escape, taking as many of her companions as possible.

Corrin Iana Arisana

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