This is a home brewed campaign set in the back drop of Ravenloft. I play my games as if they were Television shows. I mostly wrap up at the end of each game. I have a Prieviously at the start of each game, and have a story that flows from week to week. Once in a while I’ll end on a clif hanger. and we do take a break just like TV does. We get a 2-4 month break in the fall and winter. The length is variable.

Basically the mist dragged each of the players into Ravenloft, and they banded together to find out what happened and how to reverse it. Unbeknowst to them they were brought here with a purpose and that is to complete a prophesy. At the start of the second season, they awoke to find 2 years had passed and to them it was a blink of an eye. Now they are trying to piece together the clues to figure out what happened to them in those two years.

Servents of Fate Ravenloft

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